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Data transfert to key usb

Why would you need data transfert ?

Data transfert is necessary when you have files to duplicate on each usbkey. It’s always possible to do it manually but it’s time consuming. You can ask to usbkeycanada to duplicate your data at the factory. Depending on the weight of your file, transferring data can be cheap to expensive. Transfering 32Go on a key is not the same than just few mega octets. Ask to our support staff to help you with your data, we will be pleased to answer to your questions and your needs.

Why do you need to transfert your data at the factory ?

The first reason is time. Depending on how many usb keys you want to order but transferring manually your data could take you more time than expected. First because you need to plug-in the key, rename the label then open the key, and then initiate the transfert, each one at a time.

The second reason is the controller. Did you know that this component is the most important on the key. It manages the data stored on flash memory and communicates with the electronic device. The way the controller is communicating with the device is at a low duty-cycle. So it means that transferring data with USB 2 speed can take a while and the controller becomes very hot. To avoid any problem just let the factory do it for you.

The third reason is that when you ask for data transfert you are really sure that all your keys will be in good condition and already tested and ready to use.

Methods of Data transfert 

  • Straight transfert
  • Locking Data
  • Partitioning ( Making the USB drive into 2 separate blocks, one with data and the other block clear for the end user to add files)
  • Data can be locked and partition in order to avoid erasing the data by accident.
up to (256Mo) Free
0.25 (256Mo) up to 0.51 (512MO) 0,20 cents / usbkey
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2 Go 0,50 cents / usbkey
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