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Usb flash drives

Mini-ipod-alt-108A usb flash drive is a personalized usb, with a logo or any relevant informations related to your business, such as, a website address or a phone number that is printed on its surface.

It is a promotional item very useful and a very powerful as a corporate gift for your customers or potential customers. Because they take up very little space in your pocket, your can take them wherever you go and your branding goes along with them.

If we compare the impact of this promotional item to a promotional mug, we quickly understand that the usb flash drive is much more valuable. In fact, a promotional mug will stay everyday on a desk because you will never bring it to a work-related event, a trade show, a seminar or a conference. You get more bang-for-your-buck with a portable personalized advertising item. Moreover if you put some information relative to your business on the flash drive, such as a catalog, product information, promotional messages or even details of the event you are attending, your advertising will be twice as visible.


If you are interested in a usb flash drive you can check out our catalog. We have a lot of different models and colors to choose from and a variety of finishings and materials. For instance: leatherplastic, rubber, metal, wood, including bamboo.

Bamboo is an environmentally sustainable material which grows naturally and does not require fertilizers or peticides. So, if your business has environmental challenges, we suggest you choose a usb key made from bamboo.

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