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Create Your Own usb flash drive Model

You need to match your usb keys project to your logo or to your promotion ideas ? Try a 100% customized usb key shape. It’s more simple than you think. If you have something in mind and don’t know what to do, just call us we will guide you through the process. At usbkeycanada we can create for you at an affordable price a custom key. Send us your image, your photo or your drawing for a quote at [email protected].

Creating a personalized USB key is one of the most exciting option about usb key product. At a low cost your can design your own object to promote your company or your activity. A custom shaped usb key is the best way to stay in touch with your customers.

At usbcanada we have  design specialists, product developer and moldmaker ready to help you today.

How to start a 100% customized usb key shape ?

1. Think material first.
Would you like it in Plastic ? Metal ? Wood ? Rubber ?. The less expensive material is the soft PVC like in the example below 

 2. Take a picture or do a drawing of your idea and scan it

Once you got your idea on paper just send the document directly to [email protected]

3. Determine Quantity and capacity

It is very important to determine from the beginning how many unit you will need. Cost per unit will drastically decrease if you plan to do a large number of usb keys. We’re suggesting to plan to do 1000 usb keys as a minimum quantity when you want to go with a customized usb key shape.

Call now our specialist :Mr william Lee 1-877-935-5418 

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