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Promotional usb key

flash-drive-ALT-400A promotional usb key is a usb key that is personalized with your logo and is a perfect tool to promote your activities.

Used an external drive, client have easy access to any information that you want them to view : pdf, .doc, .xls, etc.This product is very useful because you can store a lot larger files, such as audio, videos, documents, presentations and software.

The promotional USB key has the clear advantage of associating your brand with your business. For instance, you can engrave your logo on a fun looking usb flash drive if you want to convey a relaxed brand identity.

Moreover, promotional usb keys are the perfect corporate gift for your clients because they will always be used, as compared to other common promotional items. It is a long-term gift which reinforces your direct marketing actions. Imagine a customer using your promotional usb key every day, this item becomes a daily advertisement for your company.

Another advantage of the promotional USB key is the storage capacity. With a larger storage capacity, you can have complete brochures or other related documents available at all times. With bigger memories, we can partition the USB key for you and have your files secured, while leaving the rest of the USB drive available for your client to add and remove their own files.

You have two options when considering the production of USB keys. Make your selection viewing our on-line catalogue, from different models, colors and materials (leather, plastic, rubber, metal, wood), we will prepare a quote and a mock-up of your key. If you don’t find what you are looking for, or you wish to have a truly personalized model, we can create a mold in the shape of your logo or any other object. This promotional USB key becomes your identity and is distinctly unique. 

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