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Custom USB Flash Drive

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General Description and use of our Custom USB flash drive

At we are offering more than 150 different custom usb flash drives models with different shape and color.  All our products come with FCC (US) certification and CE (Europe) certification. This type of data storage is maybe one of the most popular nowadays because of it’s portability. Bring your data everywhere, exchange your data with everyone. You can use also a USB Flash drive to promote your activity by engraving your logo on it and also by copying all kind of media on the key.

A brochure, a program, a video, a catalogue or music and so on… all kind of promotion is possible with a USB flash drive. Remember that a USB drive equipped with flash memory can keep data on it as long as 10 years and even more.

Select your model

What you need to do is to select first a model of your choice. To do so you have different categories in our catalog.
>> Choose a Basic USB Flash Drive Model
>> Choose a Metal USB Flash Drive Model
>> Choose a Mini USB stick
>> Choose a USB flash drive cards

We can also match the color of the key with your logo. Once your model is choosen you need to decide which capacity your flash drives will have. Most of the time our customers go for a minimum of 1Go but if you have only a brochure to copy on the key you can go for a 256 MO. And that’s it !
You can also go for accessories like a different packaging than the regular card white box we are offering for free, you might want a lanyard with your logo imprinted on it or you might want to lock you data. Visit our options page to figure out what you can do with your key

USB Speed 2.0 or 3.0 ?

All computers are equipped with one or several USB port and it’s very easy to use. The standard of USB connectivity is 2.0 and the industry is switching now to USB 3.0 which is more faster than ever. But only new computers are equipped with USB 3.0 port. In few years the new standard will be widely adopted by most of us on the planet. It’s not yet time to order USB flash drive 3.0 for promotion except if you have a specific project. You can pick-up one of our model in our catalog and put a USB 3.0 technology inside your keys.

Outside links:
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