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Custom Usb Memory Stick


A custom usb memory stick is a usb flash drive with a branded area where you can print your business details such as your logo, your slogan, your websites etc…

It is a promotional item very usefull to promote your company. Custom usb memory sticks are equipped with flash memory which allows a fast information transfer from the computer to the usb key or from the usb key to the computer.



Branding your logo on a usb memory stick has a lot of adavantages. Firstly, it increases awareness about your products and services, secondly it is a great promotional tool to promote your business activity for a long time. It is the perfect memorable gift because you put your corporate message (logo, slogan, addresses, website or other contact information) in your customers hands.

A custom usb memory stick is a powerful marketing tool. Contrary to an online or a TV publicity, those items can be regulary used by your clients and with each use, they will see your logo and remember your business.

How can you choose and design your custom usb memory stick ?


There are 4 basics steps in choosing your custom USB memory stick. First, you pick the model from our online catalogue. We offer many models in a vary of materials and styles. You can choose between plastic, rubber, wood, metal or leather USB memory sticks. We offer you a wide range of models because we know that your choice depends of your business identity. Second, you decide what information you want to print on the USB memory stick. Most model can be silkscreened printed on 2 sides. So you have your logo on one side and additional information, such as a website ot phone number, on the back side. We can also emboss your logo on our leather USB models or engrave on our metal sticks. Third, you decide on the capacity of your USB keys, from 256 MB to 32 GB. Offering a larger capacity key to your clients will insure that they use your USB drive more often. Lastly, you decide on the quantity of USB memory sticks needed. Custom printed USB drive start at 50 units and up. There you have it, a great promotional item that will not stay hidden away in a drawer.

There is another solution to design your custom usb memory stick. You can totally personalized it. Imagine turning your logo into a USB memory drive. Instead of printing on an existing models, your logo becomes a model. There is no better way to brand yourself than with a useful item that is identified with your company image. Simply check out our portfolio page and you will have a very good idea on the possibilities. 

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