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Usb Key

Usb Key



A USB key or a flash drive is a small storage device which can be used in order to transport files from one computer to another. USB keys are very useful for keeping your documents with you all all time. You can attach them to a key ring, wear one around your neck or leave it in your bag.

USB keys have quickly evolved in storage and in style. The storage capacity of the first flash drive was only 8 MB. Today, it has consistently increased, up to 1 TB (1024 GB).
They are useful, compact and easy to use. Once you have created your document, just plug your USB key into a USB port and save the content. Moreover, they are a popular promotional items because advertising items are highly appreciated by consumers. Unlike a video or a press release which can may seem boring, customers will have the feeling of receiving a gift with a USB key.

Choosing a model and ordering from USBKeyCanada will allow you to personalize your USB key and turn it into a promotional item. It has the clear advantage of associating your brand with your business. For instance, you can engrave your logo on a fun looking USB flash drive if you want to convey a relaxed brand identity.alt_619

USBKeyCanada offers a large choice of personnalized models. For instance, our extensive on-line catalog is divided in clear catogories, making it easy for you to choose a model. Our categories are listed as metal, rubber, plastic, mini, wood, business card and pen USB keys. And each key is customizable with your logo colors, slogan, website address or any other information you wish to print on the front or back side of the USB key.

The storage capacity of our usb keys is available from 510 MB to 32 GB. And all our models are equiped with Grade A EOM Memory with ISO certification.
There is no better way to brand yourself than with a useful item that is identified with your company image. Simply check out our portfolio page and you will have a very good idea on the possibilities.

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